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About us...

Where do we begin?

In 2010 we bought a house in Spain. No big deal, you think, but it had no connection to main services i.e.water, electricity, so is classed as off grid.

The thing that drew us to this house was the potential it had to allow us to live our dream of self sustainability and eco friendly living.

Using go green ideas we are developing low impact living by recycling and reusing things that were already here and that our friends bring us.

It has been a lot of hard work and is by no means finished, but we are up and running with electricity, wind and solar power being the main sources, and we have big ideas about how to develop our dream further.

Our ongoing adventure...

This was where our adventure began. Near a little village in Spain called Casinos. We actually live 5km outside of the town... it really is in the middle of nowhere... but we love it and we hope that you will join us on our adventure, past and future, by checking into this webpage regularly and reading about our story.


 This photo shows the sun rising over the mountain. The views at this time of the day can be really spectacular.  

We are surrounded by mountains on all sides. We have a very warm climate, sunshine nearly all year round. Although in August it does get very hot.

 In the afternoons we get gentle breezes in the summer that give some restbite from the heat


The village it self is small, with around 2500 inhabitants. It has an altitude of 322m above sea level (1056ft).

Casinos is famous in the Valencian community for producing sugared almonds. They have lots of different types to choose from and the difference is the thickness of the sugared coating.

They also produce turron, which is another sweet. In November they have a fiesta to celebrate these sweets.

They have lots of hiking routes around Casinos  and mountian biking trails too. Along the service roads you will very often see cyclists (Tour de France style) as here in Spain this sport is massive.