If you have got to this page then you have most probably looked at the other pages on this website and know exactly what we are about. If you haven't we would suggest you take a look before you go any further.

We are a couple run concern, with the aim of educating people about living off the grid and low impact living. While you are here you can learn all about green living by seeing how we collect and store our water, producing and storing energy through solar and wind power, growing fruit and vegetables and raising organic, free range meat.  You can learn about cooking from scratch too, using all fresh ingredients. We try to cater to individuals wants and gear your holiday to your interests.

There are lots of different jobs here to be done on a daily basis. Watering, weeding, feeding the animals, collecting the chicken eggs and picking fruit and vegetables for meals. Depending on what time of the year you visit, you can pick almonds and olives, help with the preparation of the olives for storing, help us plant or pull vegetables and prepare for storage too. 

You can do as much or as little as you like. You can work in the morning and spend the afternoon sitting by the pool. We can arrange for you to spend time in the City of Valencia, at the beach, around the shops and bars or one of the many markets.

This holiday is just for you. If you would like to know more about prices email us at greenlivingexperience@gmail.com

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What´s around 

We are in the community of Valencia about 30 km away from the city centre and about 35 km from the beach. There are lots of beaches around Valencia with bars and restaurants placed a 5 minute walk away.

On certain days of the week there are markets in Valencia and the surrounding local villages.

 We are placed 5km from Casinos. This is a small village that is famous for the sweets it makes and sells. Sugared almonds of all sizes and turon too.


This festival was the first weekend in May. It is all about food. The streets are lined with tables and everyone eats a meal together. This meal is normally a Spanish stew, with bread and lots of alcohol. Some people eat in the many bars in the village. Villar del Arzobispo.


The photos below are from the festival of lent. This took place in the village 5km away called Villar Del Arzobispo. Everyone dresses up and parades along the streets to music played by the band. Oh and there is lots of sangria and alcohol.

The photos below show some of the many visitors we have had here. As you will see they all liked to help!