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Red raspberry leaf tea.

julio 18, 2019

The health benefits of drinking red raspberry leaf tea are numerous. The main one for women is to do with the menstrual cycle. The leaves contain lots of potassium, magnesium and iron along with vitamins B, C  and E. It can help with balancing hormones, stopping cramps and just helping balance general well being. 
I have been drinking this tea once a day for a month and I actually do feel different. I am less tired, have more energy, my cravings are less at that time of the month and my premenstrual tension seems less.
Men can drink this too. For men it is supposed to help with testosterone production as well as a boost in vitamins and minerals. 

I pick my own raspberry leaves and use them in tea but you can buy them. I dry them and crush them for winter use or pick fresh and use.

I use a ball tea holder. Place about a teaspoon of leaves in the ball. Steep in boiling water for 5 mins. Add honey or another sweetener of your choice to taste.

I use:
 2 chamomile flowers
2 large leaves chopped
2 dried raspberries
Stevia to sweeten

Warning:I am not a doctor, so my advice is speak to your doctor before taking this tea.

Storing Basil for later use.

noviembre 11, 2013
I have tried to dry basil by hanging it on the herb line in the kitchen but the leaves just go black. So I tried chopping them up and freezing them in cubes with water. This worked but could leave some recipes watery if not cooked for longer. One day I chopped up the basil and put it into the ice cube trays and added olive oil. I didn't know if the oil would freeze but it worked. And you have a tablespoon of oil with your herbs to cook with.
Here is how you do it.

1. Take your basil leaves, a f...
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Cold remedies

febrero 14, 2013
The biggest problem with being a teacher in a school of small children is that one of them always has a cold. Normally in a year I will have at least 4 quite bad colds, but this year I have missed them all until now that is.
This started me thinking about what has changed in our diet and the only thing I could come up with is the fresh herbs. We always ate dried but now we eat lots of fresh. So is there a link?

I woke up last week with a really sore throat and my voice was starting to crack. Ta...
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Nit control.

enero 30, 2013
Being a school teacher with young children, I am always susceptable to getting a dose of nits every now and then. This week nits are infesting the children and I know I really should go and get some really horrible chemicals to put on my hair just in case. The problem is that I have ezcema in my hair at the minute from eating something (I don´t know what) so putting these chemicals on my hair would only make the ezcema worse.
I set about looking for a herbal cure. I don´t think I had them bu...
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enero 22, 2013

My cumin plants are just beginning to sprout. They are still a bit spindly and if I am honest I just planted them to get the seeds for cooking.  It is used mainly for chilies and curries as it is a very strong flavour.
Cumin has been used over time to treat many illnesses. It helps digestion, anemia, migrane, allergies, nervous conditions and also as a natural viagra!!!!

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enero 22, 2013

Sage is a herb I use a lot. I use it when i make my mixed herbs, I put it in my pork products and make sage and onion stuffing too. I prefer to use it fresh but I also dry it to make sure I never run out.
On looking at the medicinal properties of sage...I think it would be easier to write what it doesn´t do as the list is a long one.
It is good for digestion, coughs and colds, sore throats, gingivitis and sore gums. It can stop body odour and and when used in skin care products can help the sk...
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enero 22, 2013

I like using dill in the kitchen. It goes well with fish, eggs and most vegetables too. I have found it easy to grow this year and now have an abundant supply.
They say that dill tea can settle an upset stomach. If you chew the leaves it is said to cure headaches. (I will be trying this and let you know!) Drinking the dill tea is also said to be effective in treating ulcers and kidney disorders. These days dill has become popular for treating indigestion, common coughs and flu symptoms.

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enero 22, 2013

Chervil is a close relative of parsley. Its a mild flavoured herb with a subtle anise flavour. They say it is better to use fresh when cooking and to add it to recipes right at the end of cooking, as its flavour soon diminishes.

Chervil has been used in the past as a diuretic, aid to digestion and as a skin freshener. It was also said to relieve symptoms of ezcema, gout and kidney stones. Today it is used as a remedy for high blood pressure.

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Bay leaves (Laurel)

enero 22, 2013

Bay leaf tree, in the center of the herb wheel. I have 3 little new plants growing at the bottom that I will pot up and grow on to ensure we have enough Bay for cookery.
It is said that Bay leaves can be used as a local anesthetic and helps digestion too. Herbalists use the herb for many remedies, as a means to stimulate appetite and cure excessive flatulence!
They say you can treat bruises and sprains, dandruff and is even said to improve hair growth! It is said that the oils can improve skin ...
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enero 22, 2013
People have asked me to show more of the herbs that I am growing and for this reason I have decided to start this blog.
I am hoping that over time I will be able to post recipes for cleaning products, personal and house, along with medicinal uses as well. I think that the medicinal qualities of herbs must have some truth to them as lots of people use them rather than taking manufactured products. I do believe that they must be healthier as they are natural, but it will be seen if they all wor...
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Acerca de mí

I love cooking and use lots of herbs to give different flavours. So developing a herb bed and using fresh herbs was always at the forefront of what we wanted to do. This has now developed into finding out different uses for herbs. I hope that you will join me on my quest and if you have any knowledge just leave me a message.
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