The biggest problem with being a teacher in a school of small children is that one of them always has a cold. Normally in a year I will have at least 4 quite bad colds, but this year I have missed them all until now that is.
This started me thinking about what has changed in our diet and the only thing I could come up with is the fresh herbs. We always ate dried but now we eat lots of fresh. So is there a link?

I woke up last week with a really sore throat and my voice was starting to crack. Talking all day at school would not help the situation something had to be done. This is where I would normally use an over the counter measure, but I decided to try lemon and honey in hot water as a drink. When finishing the drink, I noticed the sore throat had gone! Was this all psycological? When I got home from school a neighbour had brought us a massive bag of grapefruit. I had one for breakfast the following morning with the lemon and honey drink and again no sore throat.
The cold progressed to bunged up and then runny nose. I took 2 oranges to school and had one at 11am and then one at dinner around 1pm. With the citrus drink and the fruit during the day my nose stopped running and I was able to carry on working. I would normally be taking paracetamol at this stage to survive the day and then be in bed early at night just to get through the working week. But this really did have an effect. I have only had to take one paracetamol and that was for the pain in my sinuses on Sunday.  A friend on Saturday gave us a load of oranges and mandarins so I have been using the juice of an orange and half a grapefruit with honey for drinks too.

Lemon and honey drink
Juice of one lemon
Teaspoon of honey (or more if you want)
Hot water.

Place the lemon and honey in a mug, top up with boiling water and drink.

Change the lemon for orange or grapefruit or a just as well.