Being a school teacher with young children, I am always susceptable to getting a dose of nits every now and then. This week nits are infesting the children and I know I really should go and get some really horrible chemicals to put on my hair just in case. The problem is that I have ezcema in my hair at the minute from eating something (I don´t know what) so putting these chemicals on my hair would only make the ezcema worse.
I set about looking for a herbal cure. I don´t think I had them but better safe than sorry! I researched herbs and found that in all the recipes I was normally missing one herb  to make the mixture. This started me thinking about how we deal with our blackfly. We use garlic spray...this suffocates them and protects the plants from them coming back. Would this sort of thing work with nits?
I found an article on using onion liquid and this is what I did. Liquidize an onion. I added a little water to it which made it easier. Rub this liquid into your hair at the roots mainly to make sure it is really covered well. Wrap in a towel and leave for 4 hours. Wash off. I thought it would sting but it didn´t and because of the towel it didn´t smell either. They say repeat 3  days on the trot, so I will be using it again tonight.
To say I felt silly doing this is an understatement! Also the fact that my mother-in-law couldn´t stop laughing about it didn´t help matters. Kev kept saying that I stank as well.  When I washed it and my hair had dried it was softer and shinier than it had been and my ezcema seems to have cleared up too!!!!!