Making paper seed pots.

enero 27, 2013
We started to make these about 18 months ago as we didn´t know where we could buy cheap plastic seed pots from. Now we just sit and make them all the time, normally at night in front of the woodburner. These are so easy to make and when you plant the seedlings out you are not disturbing any of the roots.

The instructions are on the link

How to make paper pots

As you can see from the photos below we have made lots of these pots. Large ones for beans and peas and smaller ones for everything else


Cheese press

enero 27, 2013

This was relatively easy to make and cost us nothing. It was made with stuff from Kev´s shed and from the kitchen.
As you can see from photo one you need a pan with handles. To that you fix a bike inner tube that you can stretch from one handle to the other. We tied a hook to the end of the inner tube to be able to fix it to the other handle. Inside the pan we have a bowl (upside down) for the mould to sit on. The cheese mould is a piece of drainpipe with the press being a bab...
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Water feeder

enero 26, 2013

This may look odd but it works brilliantly. Chickens are brilliant at knocking bowls over. They like to stand in them, or on the sides and bowls will easily tip. This little invention is basically a drain-pipe with a strip cut out. It has stoppers at the ends fixed with metal bands. We have found that the chickens soon learn not to stand on it as it rolls and scares them. The slot is big enough for them to drink from but small enough to stop too much evaporation in the summer months. This mea...
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How to build a chicken coop

enero 25, 2013

We already had one chicken coop that we bought. It was made from recycled plastic and cost an absolute fortune...but at the time we didn´t have the available time to build one. This plastic coop holds up to eight says 12 but we think this is too squashed for them and so would never go above 8.
We then decided to breed them and obviously would need another coop, so we set about planning and drawing the design. All our friends that have chickens have coops with a run, a tria...
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Why information?

The reason that we have set up this information page is to give you step by step instructions. Lots of people have asked how we did this / that, so we thought that this page would give information on everything we do. It will be work in progress as we will update it with new information as and when we do something new.

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