This was relatively easy to make and cost us nothing. It was made with stuff from Kev´s shed and from the kitchen.
As you can see from photo one you need a pan with handles. To that you fix a bike inner tube that you can stretch from one handle to the other. We tied a hook to the end of the inner tube to be able to fix it to the other handle. Inside the pan we have a bowl (upside down) for the mould to sit on. The cheese mould is a piece of drainpipe with the press being a babies milk tin, For the pressure we use small bricks. These were left over from the old fireplace we took out in the kitchen.
The cheese goes into cheese cloth in the drainpipe. It is placed on the bowl. The tin is put on top with a brick. Every hour or 2 we add another brick. After 12 hours pressing the cheese is removed, rewrapped in cheese cloth and replaced upside down to press for another 12 hours. Picture 2 is the cheese as it comes out of the press. We have made some lovely cheese with this press. You can leave it to form a rind and then coat it in beeswax and leave it to mature. I have not bought cheese for almost 2 years now saving us about 300 euros!!!