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Cirtus cleaner

Publicado por Michelle & Kev Martin el viernes, agosto 3, 2018, In : Cleaning materials 
This recipe is so easy to make. the finished product is great for shower doors an removing lime scale. Since I have been making this I have not purchased any other cleaners. Oh and it smells really fresh too.
The good thing about this cleaner is you don't have to have lots of fruit all at can add to it as you go along.

What you need
A jar with an air tight lid
White vinegar
Citrus fruit

What you do

Peel the fruit an place the skin into the jar.
Cover with vinegar
Put on lid and keep in a d...

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Grapefruit, cinamon and clove air freshner

Publicado por Michelle & Kev Martin el sábado, marzo 16, 2013, In : Cleaning materials 

Tried this one today and it filled the house with a lovely smell. We had visitors and they all gave positive comments about it too. It is so easy when the wood burner is lit just to keep topping it up. The smell circulates around the house and fills the air with natural fragrance that doesn't make me sneeze!

1 pint of water
1 grapefruit sliced
1 cinamon stick broken up
4 cloves

Put all the ingredients into a pan and bring to the boil. Simmer as long as you want. Just keep an eye on the water leve ...
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Orange, cinnamon, clove and star anise air freshner

Publicado por Michelle & Kev Martin el miércoles, enero 23, 2013, In : Cleaning materials 
This is so easy to make and smells absolutely lovely. It even gets rid of the smell of wood smoke form the wood burners. It is relatively cheap too as long as you have the spices in the cupboard.

1 orange sliced
1 cinnamon stick
2 star anise
4 cloves
1 pint of water

Place all ingredients in a pan and boil. Turn down the heat once boiling to keep a steady simmer.
The smell filters through the house and smells fantastic.
When you have finished with it, jar it and store in the fridge, ...
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Beeswax furniture polish

Publicado por Michelle & Kev Martin el jueves, enero 3, 2013, In : Cleaning materials 
This is just amazing. If you can get beeswax from somewhere you must have a go at this.

Grated beeswax - 2 table spoons
Olive oil - 8 table spoons

Get an old jar. Put the grated beeswax in.
Place the jar into a saucepan with hot water. (It´s like a double boiler...melting chocolate)
Melt the beeswax thoroughly
Add the olive oil and mix. (keep the jar in the water untill mixed together)
Take the jar out of the water and leave to set.

That is all there is to it. This is quite a soft consist...
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The reason that I have decided to add this page is because people that look at this website will see photos of all the delicious food we eat here. I cook a mixture of Spanish and English and the recipes on this page will hopefully reflect this. As I am allergic to cows milk everything dairy is made from goats or sheeps milk. I am also allergic to shop bought eggs but funnily enough I can eat the eggs our hens produce. (Must be the food we give them). Anyway all the recipes on here can be changed to accommodate most other allergies too, just change the ingredients to suit yourself. I hope that those of you who like cooking will try a few recipes and let us know how you got on by contacting us on
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