This pastry can be used for pies and tarts. It does take a bit longer to make but it is well worth it.

1lb plain flour
pinch of salt
10oz of butter (or a mixture of butter and lard)
Cold water to mix
1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice

Put the flour ans salt into a basin. Divide the fat into 4 equal portions and rub 1/4 into the flour. Mix to a soft dough with the water and lemon juice. Roll out the pastry into a rectangle. On 2/3 of the pastry cover with 1/4 of the fat, cut into small pieces. The remaining 1/3 of the pastry is folded over onto the fat and the remaining 1/3 folded on top. Press the edges lightly together to keep the air in. Half turn the pastry so that the edges are left and right, roll out as before. Repeat process with the rest of the fat. At this stage you can put the pastry into the fridge to relax before use.
When you are ready to use you can just roll out and use as normal.
For people using gluten free flour I would suggest using butter and lard mix as this counteracts the hardness normally found in gluten free pastries.