This is a recipe given to me by Kev´s mum. I tried it and they were fantastic. You can change the alcohol to suit yourself and your taste. Also if you cannot have butter I used vegetable fat but it must be reasonably hard setting for these to work.

8oz dark cooking chocolate (70% cocoa or above)
4oz butter
2 tablespoons rum

Over a pan of boiling water place a bowl and break chocolate into it to melt.
Melt the butter in a saucepan but don´t let it boil
Once both have melted mix together and add the rum (whilst still on the heat)
Take off the heat and keep mixing. (I used a whisk to make sure the everything was well mixed)
Allow to cool and shape into small balls.
Place in the fridge to set.

I shall be making more of these for family visiting at Christmas. I am going to use coconut to roll them in before placing in the fridge. I will add to this recipe as I try different things.