This week the weather has been positively Spring like. It has been warm and sunny almost everyday. Mum has been able to sit outside while we have worked. Everyone has just felt happier. Even mum wasn't moaning as much! Most of this week we have only had the gas fire on, we have lit the range once and the bedroom fire twice. This is unheard of for me in February, it must be warm.

This mornings sunrise...glorious colours

This week I have been on a mission to find Onion, our female turkey a mate. I am happy to report I have found one close by and they will be introduced on Wednesday. I am so happy. Finally she will be a proper mum to her own babies and no more surrogates. She is coming into season now, as we can hear her calling every morning, so hopefully she will like him and a nice lot of turkey poults will be hatched this year.

Work on the garden has continued this week. I have planted half of the asparagus roots around the fruit trees on the terracing. They have to have quite deep holes to plant them in with compost or manure at the bottom of the hole. It was hard work and took me a whole morning to plant 15. Now I have to decide where the other 15 will go.

The hugelkulture bed at the front was extremely over grown with weeds. They covered the veggies that were growing in there. This has protected the cauliflowers from the frost over the winter, so weeds are not all bad! It was time to sort it. Using a method call chop and drop, al of the weeds were cut down and laid over the soil. Cardboard was placed on top of all the vegetation and straw on top of the cardboard. It will have a layer of rotted manure added this week and then it will be ready for planting. The idea is that as the weeds die and rot down they release nutrients back into the soil for the growing plants. The weed roots die as there is no light and this allows air to penetrate the soil, giving the plant carbon for photosynthesis. It also means no digging. A bonus if ever I have heard one.

Kev spent the first part of this week rendering the house again. He is doing it in short bursts as it makes his hands really dry and sore. He does 2 or 3 days and then goes onto something else to allow his hands to heal. He has gone right across the top of the terrace now and along the top of the back wall of the terrace. I guess now we need to get the paint out.

The something else that he has spent time on this week is building storage shelves for his container. He has used some of the time breaking up palettes so that he has enough planks to build the first set without stopping. He is trying to make them extra strong a they will have quite a lot of weight on them when they are filled.

The seeds in the cold frames are sprouting. We have spinach, chard, numerous types of herbs, peas and broad beans starting to grow. I love this time of year. We do our second planting this month but we are running out of cold frame room. In the taller cold frame Kev has made make do shelving to double the space.