This morning at 7am I watched the sun rise over the mountains. To see the sun appear slowly, oranges and reds lighting the sky is just the best sight! There was so much to do today we didn't really know where to start.
Job one was to clear the turkey pen of stones...or parts of it.

This is what we started off with. It appeared that there was no plant life at all as the stones are so thick in places. With the possibility of Cranberry (the hen) hatching chicks we thought we should clear them to give the little ones a safe place to walk around. We have decided once she is sitting that she will be shut in this pen so that the chickens will not disturb her.

After an hour of clearing

These plants were hidden under all the rocks. Now perhaps they will grow and give the turkeys some extra food when they are shut up.

You can see cranberry pacing along the fence. We knew she was laying eggs now, but look what we found in the turkey house.

Fingers crossed she will go broody soon and we will be posting photos of little turkey chicks.

The second job was to make the cheese curd and get it hung to allow the whey to drip out. This will go into the press last thing tonight and be pressed for 4 days this time.
Kev went out collecting sticks again. He got a lot this time so that we can dry them on the terrace ready for the week ahead.
Sunday dinner this week was Cockerel. Kev slaughtered one of the home bred ones...about 22 weeks. We hung it over night and then plucked and dressed it around lunch time. It feels good to know that the food you are eating has had a happy life, all be it short. You can really taste the difference between this meat and the shop stuff! Home made stuffing was used and it was absolutely delicious.
Tomato sauce was made again today. I store it in pots in the fridge ready for using in the week.  The coconut balls were covered with chocolate and are now so moreish we just can't leave them alone!
Last thing was to make lemon meringue pie for pudding. I used the last of the fresh lemons a friend gave us and it was fantastic! You can't beat home cooked food!