A very busy week here this week. We will start with the sad news...the sitting hen died last Monday...we finally got 3 viable eggs from the 14 that she was sitting on, the others had just got too cold. A real shame...we think that she just didn't eat and drink enough as we couldn't find anything wrong with her. A massive lesson for us...next time we will be putting water and food into the coop with the hen to make sure when feeding time comes she has her own supply. We will also shut the others out until she has had her fill, as they will be in there and eat if all for her.
We finally found kiwi plants for sale and bought 2, one male and one female. These have been planted up in the rock planters along the pergola.


Just doing this has had a massive effect on our mental states. We always feel like there is so much to do and not enough time. We never remember what has been done, just what has to be done next. This was a massive boost. To finally see the  planters with plants in, means that job is done!   We now can't make up our minds whether to just go for the kiwi or to mix with grapes too. We are worried that mixing will stop the fertilization of the kiwi. 
We also bought some pepper plants as none of ours came up this year and we also found asparagus for sale. The 12 asparagus plants will fill the bed and they are all roughly the same size so we should be cutting spears in about 18 months! Can't wait.

Kev spent 2 days at home this week and managed to break the back of the pool terrace surround. He now just has the railings for the steps to finish. Perhaps we are easily pleased...I don't know...but we think they are brilliant. We can't get over how putting them up has changed the space. It has separated the garden from the terrace and made it 2 distinct areas. We are now contemplating buying trees to plant in pots on the terrace, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits etc...they can grow on in the pots and then be planted out when the terracing in the garden is complete.


As for me this week...I have been getting in from work and painting the spare bedroom. We always said that the house would wait for the rains to come...but in the last 2 years they haven't come... so basically nothing much has been achieved in the house. I have been glossing the woodwork white, after the rubbish brown they look fantastic. It may need another coat but going to see what it looks like once the walls are painted.

We really feel like progress has been made this week. Living this way is all ups and downs...this was definitely an up week and we needed one after the down from last weekend.