Kev has patched the fence where the robbers got in and made the existing battery box more secure. We have decided to build a specific cupboard for them that will be concreted between and have a metal door on. They will need to bring a few more tools with them next time to nick the batteries.
Kev also went to report the break-in to the police but in true Spanish style they were shut. He will have to go down again tomorrow morning.
Today I cooked another 6 pork pies, 2 are sold and 2 are payment for jobs done here. That means we get will go in the freezer to see what it is like when it has defrosted!
I also made bread dough to make garlic flat breads...they were yummy and enough dough to make a pizza in the week in the freezer.
The shepherd delivered 10 L of milk as well today, as if I didn´t have enough to do I made cheese  too! We now have enough fresh cheese for a week and 2 large cheeses maturing ready for Christmas.