Got up this morning to cloudy skies...they are predicting rain again but we will have to wait and see. In the last week the temperatures have really dropped. We are now lighting the wood burner or the range at night. During the day it can still be quite warm but it is perfect weather to work in and work we have.
We decided 2 weeks ago on a date for our Christmas fair. So most of the next week was spent tidying up the garden. We found lots of rubbish, bagged it and took it to the bins. The strimmer was out a couple of days and the animals had a week of feasting on garden weeds.
The cupboards under the pool were sorted. Kev built shelves in one for all the jars, bottles and wine stuff. We have also managed to fit the kindling in this cupboard to keep it dry. The kindling is from last years prunings. We allow them to dry for a year on the land and then break them up into smaller twigs to help us start the fire. Since the animals have now been moved down the land, it is easy to gather a box of kindling while filling up feeders or water.
An email arrived in the week about our new wind turbine. It was about the amount of importation cut a long story short, the tax has been paid and hopefully the new 48 volt turbine should be with us shortly. Just in time for winter and the winds picking up.
Our friend popped in too, to measure up for the solar panels. He is going to make us another frame so that they can be fixed to the roof and hopefully, be theft proof! This should be happening within the next few weeks. Once these panels are up we will have over 2kw of power coming in and then the wind turbine on top. 4 years adding panels as we went along but now we have a system where we can run everything without worries. All of my kitchen appliances that have been hidden in the cupboard or used just when the generator was on can now be used as and when. The worry of running out of power is becoming a thing of the past.
Last week we had another delivery of top soil to fill the next terraced garden. We have laid cardboard and wood to help hold moisture and are busy barrowing the soil. We try to do a bit each day, rather than all at once. as it can get a bit monotonous, without mentioning the aches and pains that start after about 20 full barrows! 
As it was bonfire night on the 5th November, I made bonfire toffee. It is lovely and has lasted us well over a week. I also had a go at nut brittle thinking that I could make jars or packets to sell at the fair.