Another post a day late. We seem to be just so busy here but not really getting anything finished. It is amazing how every job you start then has another that needs doing before you can finish the first! Let me explain the latest if I can. We are buying a new kitchen, before it arrives the kitchen ceiling needs plastering and the old kitchen is going to be put out on the covered terrace. The old kitchen needs moving first, then the plastering and finally the new kitchen fitting. We are going really upmarket here, as finally after 4 years, I will be able to put the washing up water down the sink. At present we put it into a bucket to water the garden. This grey water will go into a collection tank with sensors that will pump the water up the garden into the reed bed. The overflow will water the plants! So now we also have to build the water storage tank and the reed bed all before the new kitchen goes in! This is all in 40 degree heat! We have started everything and finished nothing!

The old kitchen going in...a mess at the minute with nowhere to put stuff.

The cooker in the picture we bought in the week. This will live on the terrace so that I can cook with an oven in the hotter months. We have had severe fire alerts all summer, so haven´t been able to use the barbacoa at all. This amazing cooker will come in very handy!
We also bought a washing machine... an automatic that works on the solar!!!! It has a wash cycle at 30 degrees that takes 1 hour and uses about 300w!!!! That is less than my old twin tub washer!
The new kitchen was designed, bought and will be delivered on the 22nd of August.  The new outback inverter has also been ordered, we are just waiting for that to arrive too. We finally decided to go for a 48 volt system as it will not cost that much more than the 24 volt one. This way we will only have to add another inverter as and when we need more power. So it is all happening here, all change for the better, cutting down on hardships and all very exciting.
As for the animals... Josephine is due to hatch chicks this week. We swapped her eggs for the big hens eggs, which means her chicks should be much bigger than before. Josephine is our best sitter...she raises her chicks, starts laying again and then sits, time after time! She lives in the garden as we just cannot keep her out on the land, she always gets back somehow!
Cranberry has been a bit of a pain this week. She has taken a disliking to the big red cockerel and is constantly fighting with him. We have to throw water over her to get her to let him go. She just will not give up the fight once it starts, even if he runs away. We are wondering if she is coming back into season for her third hatching this year. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.
The red chicks have been out in their run every day and 3 times at night too. We will, in another week or so, move them to the bigger run with the turkey poults. This will give them more room to move around, as well as letting them get used to all the other chickens before we integrate them. We find this way that the bullying is less as the older hens are used to the little ones being there. We think we have 1 cockerel and 2 hens in this lot. The cockerel will be for the freezer and the 2 hens will stay with the white cockerel to add a new blood line.