This week the weather has improved. We have had 20 degree sunshine most days, although the breeze has been chilly at times. It has been perfect weather for work outside. 
Last Wednesday we had one of the Lliria estate agent turn up at our gate. He had a couple that he was showing houses to, who had been let down for somewhere to stay. They were sleeping in their car. The weather last week was wet and really cold. He asked if we could have them stay here. I stopped doing B&B last January because of having mum here but I just couldn't leave them stranded. So they came in, had a cuppa and are still here looking for houses. They are fantastic. They have helped in so many ways and are both great with mum. 

Since we have people who want to help, we have taken full advantage of it. The first few days, when it stopped raining, were spent chopping wood and filling up the wood store. Our guest, Eric, learned how to clean and sharpen the chainsaw after, which is a good skill to have when living this way.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, our other guest, Kath was shown how to lay a fire, using kindling to get it going and how to make bread. At home they have a wood burner but they always use firelighters, so Kath was very happy to see she could actually get a fire going without them.

Eric has also been spending time weeding my garden. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for him doing this. He cleared one bed and then transplanted the brassica seedlings we had planted in September. We got an instant vegetable bed and another bed dug over and weeded at the same time.

Monday was the day we tried to take mum shopping for some new clothes and Christmas presents. It was really bizarre. She was perfectly fine going, but as soon as we got into a clothes shop did she change. She got very cross, didn't want to look at anything and left the shop. We had a 5 minute panic looking for her but she had waited outside for us. She is a bit like  a 2 year old, take your eyes off them for 1 minute and they are gone! By the time we got to the second shop, she had leg ache and couldn't walk properly (I have learnt this is what she does when she doesn't want to do something) so we decided to go home. I went online and have ordered clothes for her. I just hope they fit.

We have beetroot growing in the garden. We pulled one to make a cake with. It is a beetroot and carob cake. It is a recipe that I changed to use what we had and it is better than the original recipe. When made, we leave it for 3 days for the flavours to merge. We eat it with butter on. In the end, as the beetroot was so big, we made 3 cakes. 

While it was raining I tried my hand at decorating pots with mosaic. I just got old tiles that we had left over and tried to make a pattern. I really enjoyed doing this. Time out, away from thinking about everything that needs doing here. I am now going to go and get some different coloured tiles and do more.