Another month passes us by. The weather here is still very changeable, one day it is sunny and almost 30 degrees and the next it is wet and miserable. Spring is definitely here, the almond trees are in blossom, although ours are at the end of flowering and you can see al the small nuts forming. With all the wet, warm weather, looks like we may get a bumper crop.
Our fruit trees are doing well. The plum, cherry and nectarine are flowering with the apples and pear just coming into bud. The asparagus is just beginning to produce spears. We had our first asparagus at the weekend on a salad.

Plum tree flowers

We found lemons and tomatoes cheap in a local shop. We have been preserving this bumper find for the last 2 weeks. Orange and lemon squash has been made to keep us going through the warmer months. Marmalades and candied peel has been made to store until needed. Tomato sauce for cooking, tomato soup and baked beans have all been preserved in jars. These foods should last for up to a year. My new preserving toy finally turned up. It seems a bit mad that it was cheaper to purchase this from America, pay delivery and import tax than buy it here in Spain. When I say cheaper...I mean half the price. This canner, I can see will be well used. I can now preserve everything from veggies to meats and fish.

2 weeks ago our friend the shepherd offered us the chance of clearing the outside part of his coral. We jumped at the chance as this means a whole years worth of manure for the garden. We asked some friends to help us as they would use this on their garden too, and spent a week scraping, shovelling and moving. It was hard work but well worth it as my first terrace bed is now finished all except for the plants.

Now all we need are the planters and trellis to grow things too cover the pump box.

Kev has been trying to find time to work on the storeroom. The steps are now complete. The next job is to brick up the old doorway and sort the floor so that it can be easily cleaned.

I need to apologise for the photos. They are the correct way up but when I upload them they change orientation and I have not found a way of changing it back. I have notified my providers and as soon as I find a way I will sort this problem.