Got up this morning to glorious sunshine. Sat outside with a cuppa just watching the world go by and choosing the jobs for the day.
First job on the agenda was to paint the bedroom ceiling. My mum and dad brought us some vinyl silk paint, when they drove over. The paint we can get here is matt and most of it washes off when you wipe the walls down. It doesn't last very long before needing doing again. This paint should last longer. I think that this is psychological but I really enjoyed painting, felt like we were finishing another job on the list.
While waiting for the first coat to dry I decided to start strimming the garden again. You would not believe how these weeds grow.

This is the before picture. It actually doesn't show how high the weeds have grown in 10 days.

The after picture looking all neat and tidy. It does look nice once it has been cut but it is hard work as this isn't even a quarter of the garden that needs doing.

Kev spent the day finishing the terrace edging. He put the rails down the steps. He ran out of reeds halfway through and so had to go out and collect some more to finish the job. Finally we set about placing the 4 sets of solar lights up on them.

The next job on the agenda is to tidy up all Kev's mess!