Another week gone in a flash. Tomorrow we fly to the UK to lay Kevs dads ashes to rest. I have my youngest son Gary arriving today to spend some time with his grandmother so that we could go alone. It is a much needed break away. I love my mother immensely but the repetition gets you down when life throws you yet another curve ball to deal with, so a few days away are just what the doctor ordered.

Kev has been rendering the back of the house around our bedroom doors for a few days this past week. This will make it much easier to paint rather than the pebble dash. He will paint it with water proof paint and then cover it with a coat of white paint to reflect the heat. Hopefully this will sort the damp problem in the bedroom. Kev will take off the old render on the inside wall and re-render once it is dry.

A friend gave us crab apples on Wednesday night. I decided to make crab apple jelly with them. It was simple enough to make just boil the apples down, strain, add sugar and boil until sets when tested. I also canned more grapes. Black ones this time.

The garden is being weeded slowly. I try to do some everyday. At the weekend we planted up lots of brassica and root veg seeds. We have and are still panting up seedlings bought from the local village to give us a succession. Hopefully this will keep us going over the winter.

A while ago I planted 4 avocado stones in pots. I used our garden soil to grow them in as I read that the seedlings mostly die when planted out if not germinated in the soil they will grow in. To date I have 2 that have germinated. There is a crack forming in another one so hopefully we will have 3 to pot up next spring.