The weather here over the last 2 weeks has been glorious. It has been frosty at night but the sun has shone all day and temperatures have been in the low 20´s. It has been wonderful weather for working out in the garden. 
We have cracked on with the terracing, building the last one before the pathway leading to the gate onto the land. We have spent time digging out rocks and moving them into the garden. This is a hard job...the rocks are big and the wheel barrow is needed to get them to where they need to be. It is a very tiring job, with nothing to show for all the hard work except for a pile of rocks. 
Kev has been in charge of building the wall. We are doing this in sections to make sure that the wheel barrow can be used for moving the top soil to fill the terrace. Cardboard and wood have been placed under the soil, hoping that it will hold the water for longer when it rains. So far we have moved almost 80 barrow loads this week. That is a lot of soil!

We have decided to mulch the pathways through the garden. There is some waste land at the side of our house, that is not looked after. It is really over grown with rosemary, thyme and pine trees. This land can become a real fire hazard in the dry months. We have been trimming the bushes and cutting off the small branches at the base of the trees to try to keep the fire hazard at a minimum. We have then shredded the cuttings and placed the bits on the paths. This is a very time consuming seem to have lots when it is cut but once shredded there is not even a bagful. Covering the 2 pathways may take a few weeks!

Our petrol chainsaw had to go to be mended...this being Spain 4 weeks later and it still isn´t back. We were getting really low on wood. A very nice friend offered to bring his chainsaw and cut up the larger logs for us, just to keep us going. We have been using the electric chainsaw for the smaller stuff. Kev showed me how to use it. I am left handed but using it with my left hand is a little unsafe. I am in the process of strengthening my right hand so that I can use the chainsaw for longer than 15 minutes! After a week I was up to 40 minutes before my hand had lost all of its strength and could no longer start the saw. Saying this we are slowly getting all of the wood cut and stacked in the wood store. Considering that we are lighting 2 fires most days now and 2 weeks ago this store was empty, I think we are doing pretty well!
The logs our friend cut for us

Our wood