Today when we got up the sun was shining brightly. Unfortunately the wind was blowing too...good for the wind turbine but it made it feel rather cold outside.
Kev painted the frame for the panels this morning. We now just wait for Pepe to come back to put it up.
We used the egg test on the lye water...but the egg sank so it needs putting through the ash again. The egg should float just under the surface of the water for it to be the right strength for making soap.

I did a little bit of weeding in the second herb wheel again, but the soil is very dry and hard. We threw some water on it earlier so it should be easier tomorrow to finish.
We were going to start planting the seeds as well today until we realized we didn´t have enough paper pots. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent making paper pots from newspaper in front of the fire...with the occasional alcoholic beverage thrown in!