We have had a bit of a week of it here with Mum. She has been hard work all week. She is having vivid dreams and is mixing it up with reality. She thinks my brother lives across the bridge when in actual fact he lives on the Isle of White. She is convinced there is nothing wrong with her and we are keeping her prisoner. She said we lie to her all the time about letting her go home.
Wednesday she had a dream about being at home and in her dream she woke up walking down the street. In our morning she was convinced it was real, I just played along, because in her world it is real. I made a big fuss about how she managed to find her way back here and that we would look after her and nothing like that would scare her again. 
Then Saturday she was on about going home all day. She started the moment she got up. I tried to stay out of the way but she kept cornering me. We went from "I want to go home" to "Kev is lying to me about going home" to "you told me I am going to die". Now this came out at 4pm and I got cross. I shouted at her and walked away. Instantly I got carers guilt as in... its the illness and I need to be more patient...but logically 6 hours of constant picking is enough to send anyone over the edge. 
That evening was very sad. She said "can I ask you a question...Me being here every weekend is it annoying? you can tell me if it is..."
My reply was "Mum you live here. (waiting for the explosion)
It never came. She asked what was wrong with her...for that 20 minutes I had my mum back. We had an honest conversation about her living here and us looking after her. She said she knew there was something wrong with her but not what was wrong. Then after 20 minutes she was gone again.

The weather here this week has been just amazing. It has been cold and frosty most mornings but the sun has warmed the temperature up by about 11am. It has been lovely weather for working outside. Which is just as well because the weeds are taking over again. I have spent a couple of hours most days digging the land garden over and adding organic matter. Finally it is complete. It will be planted up end of February as the frosts disappear.

Kev has started the rendering of the house. It is going to be a long slow job as it is only getting a few hours a day spent on it. There are always other things that need doing first, but it has been started and it will get finished some time this year.

The solar oven has been used a lot this week. It is great to be able to cook a meal or bread with the heat of the sun. I have made all our bread this week in it. 

Kev went down to Casinos, our nearest village on Friday and saw tomatoes cheap. In total we have bought 25kg of these tomatoes. I have made tomato sauce, about 25 jars, baked beans 11 jars and whole tomatoes 10 jars. Also I am drying the skins for tomato powder. 

Also this week the yogurt maker has been used. I love homemade yogurt with fruit . We picked our last bunch of grapes that we wrapped in paper. This has stopped them from going bad on the vine. I also stored fruit in the freezer too this year, so grapes, black berries and raspberries for breakfast, with the yogurt.

Also this week, the chainsaw has been out again. We have chopped, sorted and stacked the wood ready for use. We use different wood depending on our needs. On the range if we want to cook, we use pine as this burns fast and produces lots of heat to get the temperature of the oven up. Then to keep it there we use almond or olive. On the bedroom fire we get it going with a bit of pine and then use bigger logs of almond or olive to keep it going. This fire only uses about 2 big logs a night. Each will burn for up to 3 hours.

This is the pine woodstore