This morning we got up to a new addition to the family. a little chick hatched during the night but unfortunately he has a problem with his legs. Kev has named him Forest, not very kind, but we will give him a couple of days to see if he can gain control of them.
First thing this morning Kev set about cleaning out all the animals. I brought a female rabbit home from school to put with our male and they were in the run all weekend having fun. So this made it easier to clean them out but even so it takes a good 2 hours to get round all the animal houses we now have.
Next for Kev was trying to cut the plastic container down to the height of the rocks in the pond. It looks much better now as the rocks hide the plastic. He has run some plastic between the 2 halves trying to make a little water fall.
Then the duck house had to be sorted. We only have a small opening in it and its hard to clean it out, so Kev cut a door in the side of it. This enables easier access for us.
Mean while I was painting the walls in the bedroom. It's amazing how white walls really bug you after a while. My parents brought us some magnolia vinyl silk paint and just adding a little bit of colour to the walls really brightens the room up.
I carried on the strimming from yesterday doing the side garden by the terrace and the back. That took me two hours and I now have a blister on my trigger finger! It looks much better...even beginning to think it actually looks quite respectable. I know the difference from 2 years ago is just amazing.


2 years ago this was the mess we had to work with.


And this is now...this is why we feel like we are getting somewhere. It's such a massive change but has been slow to develop over the 2 years so we didn't really see it happening. It's very hard to explain but today we just felt like its all coming together at long last!