Woke up this morning to shots being fired around the house. The hunters were out in force looking for rabbits or boar I guess. They get a bit close a times and the dogs they have with them drive George crazy! He gets his weekly exercise in one morning when they are around. Just as well we don´t have neighbours, George´s barking would drive them mad!!!!
We had a bit of a senile moment this morning...I had a day off because it was a fiesta day...but Friday is our shopping day and guess what? All the shops were shut!!!! Perhaps we will go tomorrow.
Kev has dug the back bed today ready for the new beetroot plants to go in. We have found that we can eat the leaves too, they taste like spring greens when steamed. We decided that another crop this year was well worth the effort. Kev has also been spending some of the day chopping the wood he collected yesterday. The wood piles are beginning to look very healthy.
The weather forecast for tonight is thunderstorms and rain...fingers crossed we got as much as last week. The back tanks on the water store are now about half full...so another downpour should fill them. It will be the first time in 2 years since these tanks have been filled by the rain...it would make life much easier!
Today we should have been putting more eggs into the incubator. As I have mentioned before we wanted to do a 3 week rolling program. Unfortunately the hens have decided to go into a proper moult this month and we have only had about 3 eggs from them. A moult is when they lose and replace their feathers, to stay healthy. They cannot do this and lay eggs, so it will put us behind on our meat production until they start laying again.
I had a go at making filo pastry this morning. Wasn´t really too successful. Didn´t manage to get it to the needed size but made spinach and goats cheese samosas with it and they were ok. I need to find a method of stretching the pastry thinner...watch this space, I will not be beaten!
I also planted the broad beans, 16 plants that will go in the front bed by the terrace. To keep them growing when the frosts are here we cover the plants with netting. It worked last year and in march we had a bumper crop.
I have also spent a lot of the day trying to link my google calendar to a new page on the website. I was hoping that it would show you what we have to do at certain times of the year. The problem I had was that I couldn´t get the writing to show up, so it was just a blank calendar. Anyone have any ideas I would be very grateful!
The idea of getting a calendar up and running is looking towards the future. We want to offer self sufficient holidays to couples wanting to find out more about our way of life and the calendar would allow people to choose what time of the year is best for them to visit!