Today got up to glorious sunshine...first day for shorts and t-shirt this year! Sat outside on the terrace drinking tea at 8am this morning...fantastic start to the day.
We have been busy today...very busy. Started to clean the pool out properly...going to have to do it daily from now on...and without the aid of the generator...yeah! We ran the pool pump for an hour and it had next to no effect on the batteries. Now that bodes well for the summer months when we will need it on longer. Added a load of chlorine to try and clear the water for tomorrow. Oh we also found our missing chair! ha ha.
I planted out the seedlings, spinach, mange tu, and broad beans in front of the house. This will hopefully keep them from drying out so much and allow them to grow bigger in a shorter space of time.
We filled the new rock planter that we built last week...well Kev did...I just spread the soil around as he dropped it in!


This will hold the salad crops over the summer...the water store should give it some shade during the day and as the sun gets into late afternoon it will fall on the bed. We are quite pleased with this planter since it has been made for free...just time and sweat!
I set about building the fourth planter around the pergola posts. The kiwi plants should be in the shops this week so we need them finished to be able to plant them this year. I can't wait to see them growing up and along the top. They will give shade to the front of the house and obviously give us loads of lovely kiwis to eat!


We tried to move the duck pen to allow the ducklings to free range a little. They are now twice the size they were when we got them and we thought they would be able to stand their own against the chickens. They came out and had a little walk around and then spent the rest of their day shut in their house as the chickens had found their food and the ducklings were too scared to come out!!!! Pen will be back tomorrow!


The dark patches are their feathers beginning to grow.

The 2 chicks spent the day outside in the little run. We are hoping the other hens seeing the sweet little chicks will go broody and sit on eggs for us. It hasn't worked yet but we can hope!

We already have tomorrows jobs worked out as the weather says the sun will be shining again tomorrow!