This mornings welcome was cloud and more cloud. It was very dark, making you  wish you had stayed in bed! We never stay in bed...always have to get up to feed the animals. Sometimes we would dearly love to stay in bed until midday, but this is the life we have chosen and sacrifices have to be made.
At the beginning of the week Kev was out of action. He had hurt something around his hip area and was hobbling badly. I made him stop and lay up on the settee for 3 days. It would be an absolute nightmare if either one of us was out of action for a long any signs of injury and rest must be taken. Unfortunately this meant that I had to take over and do everything he does and what I do too. This meant for 3 days I was sawing wood, bringing logs in, cleaning out and relaying the fires, cooking, cleaning and tending to the patient. Trying to get Kev to stop was a chore in itself. I think he felt guilty and so would try to help...and then get told off!!!!! haha
I signed us up for an internet course on permaculture in the week. We have been watching some of the videos and it really makes sense to us that we should start using many of these methods to conserve water within the structure of the garden and so have to water less. The problem is, the more we watch the more new jobs we invent...but it should all pay off in the long run as it should cut down on all the work we are doing every year in the garden.
The weekend was better. Kev was back to full strength and the sun shone all weekend. We were raring to crack on with something in the garden.
With the permaculture course ringing in our ears, we set about sorting the front bed...we used straw and sheep dung collected from our friend. This is the bed  made with sticks and it should never need digging and should be self feeding.

This is what it looked like before we started.

We just need to put a little bit more dung on to to hold the straw in place and then it is finished.
The next step is to set up a trial watering system for this bed using the reclaimed pipes we found around the garden as we were clearing it.
In the week we saw that one of the turkeys had a swelling on her face. We thought it was a bite of some paid little attention. The next day we saw that Cranberry and one of the little poults also had the off to the vets we went. She gave us antibiotics for them to take in their water. Trouble is all the animals share the water containers. We decided to shut Cranberry, the poults and the other female into the turkey run. That way it was only them that were getting the medication. It's not ideal but  we couldn't keep some of the poults outside with out their mum.

The swelling is a blockage in the sinus and it appears it is very common in doesn't seem to bother them and definitely does not stop them eating! They will be on the medication for 5 hopefully then they will be ok and able to free range again.