Yesterday Kev finally slaughtered the chickens...they were a bit small but the one we cooked tasted good. As my friends said... oh this is really chickeney (if that is a real word!!!)

We have another 6 eggs hatching today to replace the ones that have gone in the freezer. We have been thinking about building another run for the little chicks so that they can grow without being bullied by the older ones... another job added to the long list.
Kev went picking cactus fruit and it has been made into wine... we now have plum, blackberry, pomegranate and cactus fruit. We tried the plum wine and it was we have 22 bottles left with about another 15 bottles to fill. Also we have made 22 bottles of beer with another 11 bottles brewing...will keep Kev going for maybe a week!
We have dried and split the carobs and begun to grind them into powder. Hopefully soon I will be able to bake some cakes using it as a chocolate replacement.
All the seeds are growing well. Some of the small plants are now big enough to be planted out in the garden so fingers crossed the rains will come just in time to help them along.
The first chick has hatched... so cute.

Another 5 to go...
Chick number 2...