The day started with watching the sunrise over the mountains, it doesn't matter how many times I see this it is still the best way to start a day.
The ducks were out and about today and decided to squeeze under the fence and come into the garden to have a wander. Luckily for them, George was still half asleep or they would have been his breakfast!
I planted the new rock bed up today, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beetroot and spring onions. It should look very effective when they all start to grow.
The carrots, that were planted out 2 weeks ago, are beginning to sprout, also the beetroot and the garlic. We have loads of squashes coming up in the paper pots, they will be planted out next week as they grow so fast.
I finished off the last of the 5 planters, now we need to buy the plants to go in them, just kiwi as I have cuttings of the grapes ready for planting.


I cleaned a bit more of the pool and we kept the pump running for an hour and the batteries were fuller when finished than when we switched it on.
Kev hung the plastic bottle strawberry planters on the front of the shed and they look rather good. It will look very effective when we take the runners and plant them up too and obviously they save space and water.


He went out collecting reeds as well today. We are going to try to make a barrier for the edge of the terrace. This is to stop people from falling off as in places it is about a 3 foot drop. The thought is not it's a 20 minute journey to the nearest hospital!
The strimmer came out again today, the back garden and the front side were done again. Since the weather is now getting warmer the weeds will start to die soon although it does forecast more rain week after next. We hope so as this is supposed to be the rainy season and our tanks are not full yet. We could do with about another week of rain to fill everything right up.
Kev also cleaned out the compost toilet...we got enough compost from it to half fill 2 of the planters. We then mix it with soil before planting in it. The year we used it for growing  tomatoes we had a massive crop, so you know its good stuff!