Apologies first for not posting last week...we were just so busy that time got away from us. We were preparing last week for guests arriving and our first local event here. To say the week was mad is a bit of an understatement. 
Anyway back to what we have been doing. We had to have a water delivery...still no rain...so we bit the bullet and ordered 10,000 litres. Sounds a lot but considering our tanks hold 60,000 it's not very much at all.
On Tuesday I had a fall and twisted my ankle...just what we needed when we had all of this work to do...this just put us into a bit of a panic as 3 days were spent laying on the settee with my leg up. Poor Kev had to do everything.
Last week we had another delivery of top soil for the garden terraces (the day I fell over!). We spent the first few days tidying up the garden ready for the barbecue event at the weekend.
This week I had to do all the cooking, we also had visitors arrive on Wednesday, so preparations for them had to be made. My ankle was still swollen but I could walk at least. I planned my days out, 8 pork pies cooked Wednesday, Thursday making pork, apple and oat sausages, about 5kg and also carrot cakes. Friday apple and blackberry pies were made along with scotch eggs and Lincolnshire style sausages. But at least I had help with the cooking in the form of the lovely Becky that came to stay.
Gary spent Thursday and Friday moving the top soil and helping Kev sort out the barbecues and tidy up the last bits of the garden. 

Gary working hard in the sunshine

The 3rd terrace filled!

The day of the event all we had to do was prepare the salads and cut the bread. We made courgette and mint salad, tomato, basil and goats cheese salad, potato salad, coleslaw and large mixed salads. It all went to plan, nothing went wrong and we were ready by 12.30pm. The barbecues were lit at 1pm. The sausages were started at 1.30pm and the first guests started to arrive at 2pm. The sausages (all made by me!) turkey, sage and thyme, pork, apple and oat, lincolnshire style and lamb and mint... all seemed to go down well. People made orders for them, so they must have liked them. All in all, it was very successful and we are going to make this an annual event here to mark the beginning of Spring! 
We are also considering planning a tree planting party. We want to plant about 150 new saplings out on the land, hoping they will produce a canopy as they grow, but 150 trees is a lot of work for just Kev and me. People seemed happy to help us plant them and we will feed them after. They were all very interested in what we are doing here, asking lots of questions about our energy production and garden. The fact that we have little chicks, baby bunnies, hens and turkeys sitting on eggs made it all the more interesting for them. 
In all the madness of this week, I forgot to take photos, which is a real shame...but there is always next year!