Got up this morning before it was light. I sat and watched the sunrise in the cool morning air. This is my favourite time of the day.

We had really hot weather last week until Sunday. It was far too hot to do anything outside other than pick the vegetables that were ready. I have had a lot of tomatoes this month and decided since Mum loves tomato ketchup to make her some and can it. I use a River Cottage recipe and it is lovely, much better than the bought stuff. Trouble was that the hot weather made it hard work to even have a gas ring on. 

I have tried to sort things inside while it has been hot. I had started the kitchen on the last post but it took until Saturday to finish all the cupboards. I hate cleaning out cupboards but I love what they look like when done. Everything is now organised and anything that was not being used has been thrown out.
I have also started to sort through my walk in wardrobe. I am doing 10 minutes a day on it to make it less daunting. It is a massive job. I put on weight when my dad was ill and over the last 2 years I have lost it again. So there are clothes in the wardrobe that are far too big for me. I am bagging them up and taking them to the clothes bin in the local village. I am trying to purge my shoe collection too, but my heart just isn't in it so only 2 pairs have gone!

The hot weather broke on Sunday. Monday was cloudy and cool first thing getting sunny as the day passed, but it was much fresher. The vegetable were picked, including the sweetcorn. We decided on Tuesday morning as it was cloudy and cool to pull up one of the sweetcorn beds. It took us about an hour and then I was weeding for another hour. It is now ready to plant the brassicas, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels and broccoli. The plants left in are summer squash. They will be finished producing as the brassicas need space.

I used the solar oven in the week, instead of the cooker, to stop heat on the terrace. I wanted to cook a cherry tomato bread. I added some of my tomato powder, grated some cheese, added oregano and sea salt on the top. This bread was just the best.

Kev has been helping with putting up a new bedroom ceiling. It needs one more coat of render on the joins and sanding down, then it will be ready to paint. It has been a hard job and in the high temperatures not a very nice job, but it is almost done