How time flies here...almost halfway through July already. We have had lots of highs and lows this past week...and it is still continuing. 
On Monday evening at feeding time we found 7 little turkey poults had hatched to Cranberry! Brilliant news for us...6 months to fatten them up for Christmas. We checked the eggs and found another one hatching but mum had left the eggs in favour of the 7 poults running around outside. We put this egg into the incubator and waited.

The little poults!

We got up to feed in the morning and found one of the poults looked like it had been pecked. At feeding time in the afternoon we found another one...same as before looked like it had been pecked! We were getting really worried, was one of our animals killing our babies? We took the rest of the eggs away from Cranberry trying to give her more room to brood her young. We could hear pipping...another egg had started to hatch.
The egg in the incubator hadn´t hatched any further and we were worried it would die in the we gave it a helping hand. This little poult still had an umbilical cord attached to the shell...oh no...what had we done? The other egg went into the incubator.
The little chick was wrapped up in a tea towel and kept warm with body heat...after 2 hours the cord had dried off and the chick managed to get free from the piece of shell. But then we found it had splayed problem...we can fix that with sticky plaster splints.

You can just see the plaster holding his legs together.
Again in the morning the little chick in the incubator needed a little help to hatch...this time he looked cord...just a wet chick. But this one developed even more problems. When he had dried off he had flip over syndrome. This is where he cannot stand but flips over onto his back. He also had splayed feet and curled toes. We thought about culling him but then thought we have to give him a go at surviving. I got a tea towel and made a donut shape with it and put the chick in the the hope that  this would teach him balance.

He stayed here for 2 days...and it worked!
After a day in the donut, I fixed his legs and toes with sticking plaster. He looked rather comical with so much plaster on him but by the end of day 2 was trying to walk. Both poults are now outside during the day in their own little run and come in under the brooder at night .

Both of the poults doing well.

As for the 5 remaining poults out on the land. One had just vanished...but we do have an eagle around here sometimes. So now we have 4 left...a bit of a roller coaster this week...pulling at heart strings seeing animals dying and poorly, but this is just natures way and all we can do is give a little hand every now and then and sometimes miracles happen.