Not really a lot to report this week as Kev has been splitting his time between 2 jobs that he has been asked to do by friends.
The exciting thing that did happen in the week was that the youngest hen, that we bred and kept, has gone broody and is sitting on 9 eggs!!!!! Fanstastic...all spring and summer last year waiting for the hens to go broody and it is one that we bred that is doing the job for us. Now we just have to wait another 2 and a bit weeks and see how good a mum she will be.
Also we found that the turkey hen has gone broody too and she is sitting on 9 eggs as well. Looks good for the Christmas turkey this year! They take 4 weeks to hatch so 3 and a bit weeks to wait. We are very happy to say the least. Looks like we may not be using the incubator much more.