Another busy week here. Things seem to be progressing slowly though. We are very tired and the fact that the nights are drawing in seems to be making the evenings a bit rushed. We have brought the animal feeding times forward to 5.30pm so that the watering can be started at about 6pm. This means we have to have everything finished by 5pm now, where as it was about 8pm in the summer. We seem to have so much to do and just not enough hours in the day to do it. It is a bit of a catch 22, when we have long hours it's too hot to work and when it is cool, not enough hours to work!
The planner that I talked about last week has gone by the wayside this week. At the weekend we went and picked grapes from a friend's grape vine. We have about 40kg in all. These all need to be processed to make wine with. That is this weeks job.
The beginning of last week was spent completing another tier of the terracing. We spent 2 days on this project and it is really starting to take shape.

I was digging out the rocks from the pile and kev was placing them where he wanted them.

The beginning of filling it with top soil.

How it looks now it is finished.
We still have about another 3 or four tiers to go but it is beginning to look better. The trouble is that we now have to move a load of stuff before we can do the next one. Not a problem you may think, but it is finding a place to put the stuff that is the problem. We have about an acre of land and still no space!
At the weekend the priority was sorting out Kev's workshop. He is such a hoarder and keeps everything, useful or not! Well it all has a use to him or could! So Saturday we moved everything out of the workshop onto the garden.

This was just the stuff off of the floor.
Anyway safe to say lots has gone to the rubbish and some has gone back into the workshop. It is now tidy and he can find his work bench again so he will be able to stop using the terrace table to fix stuff!
Sunday we went to our friends to pick their grapes and today we set about washing, de-stalking and squashing them. We are going to try making some wine.

The internet said use a potato masher but this didn't work. We decided to use old fashioned methods and it worked brilliantly. We have a bucket of 10kg of crushed grapes ready for the yeast now.
The problem we have come across is that we do not have enough demi-johns for the amount of grapes. If we do not process them now they will go off. We have decided to juice them all and freeze the juice for later use. The outdoor freezer is going to be cleaned out and made ready to hold about 30 litres of grape juice.