This past week the weather has been very unpredictable. It has rained, been cloudy and cool a lot of the time but then in the afternoons has been around 30ºC some days...but saying this the cooler mornings mean we have been able to get on with some well needed work around the place.
The garden is just completely over grown. Some of the weeds are looking like trees! Again on the plus side this means that there is a lot of extra food for the rabbits to munch on. I have been pulling weeds every day and in the process have nearly cleared the permaculture bed... well the lower half of it.
The rabbits are thriving on this extra food. They come out to greet me waiting for their treats. Its funny how animals soon get into a routine and begin to expect at certain times of day.
While I was away our male turkey died. It was natural causes as happens with double breasted males but it was still a shock to us. We have been waiting all summer for the temperatures to drop a little before buying another male. This week we gave in and bought a white tom... 3 months old... so he should be in his prime for next Spring.
Meet Twizzler
 It is funny how things happen. We had talked about culling one of the females so that we just had one pair. When we just had the 2 turkeys, mating and breeding seemed to be much more successful. So basically we had decided the day we bought our tom that we would cull the little female. That night our friend the shepherd turned up with a new female for us. She is very small and looks worse for wear, bald patches and the like but it has made us decide to keep the hens for a little bit longer to see how they do next year.

This week has seen our bacon ready to eat. We made 2 massive joints for roasting, about 3.5kg of steaky, 2 hocks and some back bacon to try. We have had a lot of interest in the bacon this time. Lots of people have wanted to buy some so we have decided that the next pig we get will be used for lots of bacon.

Our streaky ready to slice. 

Another first this last week was making Halloumi cheese. Some friends asked if I had ever made any... I haven´t ever eaten any and had never heard of it until they asked. So I found a recipe and set to work. It was quite easy to make, a little time consuming compared to other fresh cheese but my taste testers said it was good. I am now a convert as I loved it. I shall be making more as soon as the milk becomes available again.

This week has seen us getting back into the recycling / upcycling. We have planted out a load of seeds, as the weather is cooling down now but the soil is still warm for germination. As we move towards October the nights will start to get cooler and the seedlings will need some help to stay warm. We wanted to make cloches but we just haven´t had the time. So we improvised and used plastic bottles, little bits of wood and a wall stapler. The front part of the garden was cleared, trenches dug and bottle cloches put in place. Hopefully during the day the bottles will stop the evaporation from the soil. The water goes into the trenches... hopefully seeps into the mounds and keeps the seedlings healthy and warm!

Kev has been busy too. He has changed a crate into a chicken house for our not so little chicks. It was easy enough to do and now all he has left is to put a plastic covering on the roof to ensure the rain cannot get in. The chicks love it...they moved straight in!

These are a few of our little chicks...they are growing fast.