Today I thought I would update you on where we are with our turkeys. Paxo the tom is still strutting his stuff and the second male tom we have kept has had to be shut up in the large run to stop them fighting. We decided to do this as all 3 of our hens chose to mate with Paxo but the other male was trying to intervene and stop all of the matings. He will be let out again once the mating season is over.
Our youngest hen was the first to start laying eggs. She decided to lay them in the dog house we have out on the land.

The dog house a friend gave us makes a brilliant nest for turkeys

 This is not a problem other than this is where Cranberry, our oldest hen, lays hers. When there were enough eggs, the youngest decided to sit and Cranberry kept pushing her off so that she could still lay. 
In the mean time our 3rd hen decided to lay eggs in the ducks house! When Cranberry pushed the youngest off of her eggs, she would go and sit on the ones in the duck house. Something had to be done to ensure we actually got a hatching from these hens!
The white hen has been shut up with the second tom in the run. This encouraged her to lay eggs in the turkey house. She now has 15 and will begin sitting any day. She flies out everyday but goes back to lay her eggs, waiting at the gate to be let in.
The youngest we allowed to sit on the eggs in the duck house. She has been sitting for about 2 1/2 weeks now. It is her first time of sitting but we are hoping that she hatches some for all her pain. She is showing signs of being a really good mum, only coming off the eggs once a day maximum and sometimes going 2 days before coming out for food and water.
The eggs in the dog house we took away and allowed Cranberry to start again with her egg laying. She has about 13 and began sitting yesterday. She should be due to hatch on the 12th May.

Cranberries eggs!

A little more of the garden was strimmed today. Around the back of the house the weeds had taken over. We strimmed and then raked up the cuttings. We gave some to the rabbits and then put the rest on the permaculture bed to act as a mulch. Since permaculture states you should use chop and drop to add more organic matter to the soil, we thought the weeds would do the same.

Back garden before

After strimming and raking

The weed mulch.