It has been longer than a week since I wrote on this blog and for that I apologise. I went to England on the weekend of the 1st Feb and met my grandson Daniel. So hence I was not here to post anything. Then on the Monday of my return the laptop decided to give up the ghost. It took until the Friday to get it fixed and then our internet provider was having real problems and so we were still not connected until Monday. I have been trying to get things updated since then but it is a long process.

Back to the update...
On the first weekend of Feb we put 9 eggs into the incubator so they should be hatching around the 24th Feb. Kev was trying to get the bathroom finished, but with Spanish building as it is...(no wall is straight!) he has been slowed up by having to cut out lumps from walls and rendering as he goes along!!!!
Last weekend our friend Modesto was coming for almuerza (breakfast at 11am). We were cooking lamb chops, sausages, eggs and chips all washed down with red wine! When he arrived he said he was taking us all cooking halted...we ended up in the middle of nowhere (literally) at a fab bar that has a small animal part outside. They have 6 horses that you can book to ride. We had a lovely breakfast and met a few new friends in the process. We shall be frequenting this bar again...if we can find it!
In the afternoon there was a fiesta in the next village up from us. It was a procession with groups of people in fancy dress. It was a good afternoon with lots of laughs.

On Monday night we candled the eggs. This is when you shine a light under the egg and can see the developing chick inside. We found that 7 of the eggs were growing. Just need to wait another 2 weeks now. 
On Thursday the solar panels were wired now we shoud have double the power being generated. Friday lunchtime and the batteries were looks good for the summer. We are now waiting for the second bank of batteries to be delivered.