This morning was sunny and warm. Sat outside with a cuppa in the morning sunshine contemplating the day ahead. Kev went off to do his gardening job for a friend, which left me all on my lonesome!
It was warm enough to put the chicks outside in their run. They have really changed. almost have all their feathers now and they are only just 3 weeks old.

We are having people round for dinner tomorrow and so the house needed cleaning from top to bottom. Being at work all week nothing really gets done until the weekend. The morning was spent cleaning until about 12 noon when I had to go to the post office to pick our mail. The post office only opens 1 hour a day, Monday to Friday 12 - 1pm. Its a bit of a pain getting up there but we manage!
Next I dug the front bed by the terrace...fed the weeds to the chickens and rabbits. It was warm enough to work in only a t-shirt. Then out came the strimmer and the front garden was tidied up. By the time I had finished the garden I was covered in wet grass...and I mean white trainers are now green!
To get ready to tomorrows meal I made rum and raisin truffles. Tomorrow I will coat them in dark chocolate...they are lovely! I also made meringues ready to smash up for the Eton Mess. We have got fresh strawberries to put in it...can't wait!