Sorry for not posting last week. We were out all day trying to sort the missing parts of the kitchen. I wouldn´t mind but how can a company mislay 4 meters or worktop? Any way, it took all day and was very frustrating to say the least, but they promised it would arrive Friday...and guess what? it didn´t arrive! I went down with some kind of a bug at the weekend and could hardly drag myself out of bed, so they got away with it for a few days. It finally arrived Wednesday morning. This means as soon as the joining bolts arrive we can get on with finishing it, finally! 
Over the last couple of weeks we have had lots of changes with the animals. Dora and Dorris (now known as Douglas!) are now living out on the land with the other ducks. They seem very happy out there, other than one morning last week Dora decided to go for her first fly. Luckily she spotted out pool and landed there...she was caught and wings clipped. It is coming up to hunting season and the last thing we want is for her to get shot!
We have decided to cull 4 of the ducks as they are all male. We hoped to do this last week but time just got away from us. This will mean that Douglas will be our only male for next spring. He will have at least 2 females.
Dottie has brought her ducklings (not so small now!) out of the pen. You see all 7 of them walking around the land in a line. We think at least 4 of them are males so by Christmas we should have a lot of duck meat in the freezer.
The chicks born in the incubator have gone into the big run with our banty chickens. They stay in the run for a few days to allow the others to get used to them being there. They seem to get less bullying that way. One of the female chicks became poorly last week. She kept falling over and not being able to get up. She seemed to get better after a couple of days but then it happened again so now she is inside, legs strapped and in a ring to see if we can correct it. If not we know we will have to put her out of her misery but this is not a nice thought. So we just keep everything crossed and hope she gets better!
Last week we did find the time to process one of the turkey hens and a cockerel. The turkey was made into turkey and red pepper sausages, as lots of people wanted to try them. We actually didn´t get any for our freezer but we still have another 2 turkeys to process at a later date.
We have seedlings that need to go out. The problem being Stanley the new puppy just loves digging where I do. This worries me a can just see he will dig them all up. We are thinking about how we can get around this...perhaps we need to place twigs around them until they are bigger.

Artichoke seedlings
We also have peppers and chilli plants that I am going to pot up and grow indoors over the winter.  That way we will have a head start next spring and should get lots of fruit from them.