Another week has passed so quickly. The weather here is now normally frosty and cold in the mornings but by about 11am it is sunny and warm. This week when we have been outside working we have been outside in T-shirts as it has been so warm.
The beginning of the week Kev went and collected wood with Modesto. They dropped the trailer full outside the gate and it had to be moved into the garden and stacked. 

This pile is about 5 foot high!!!!

This is it stacked up against the fence. It looks like loads but the grape vine roots burn very quickly so this may keep us going for about a month...if we are lucky!
I finally had to give in this week and put the winter duvet on the bed...with much moaning from Kev. It will only get colder as the next few months pass and normally I am up to 2 duvets by end of February! I really feel the cold, where as Kev does not...this can be a problem. How I ever managed to live in England with the cold, I do not know...or perhaps it is that I have acclimatized faster than Kev!
As the nights are now colder we are having to light the fires to warm the house. This means cleaning them out and relaying every day. It is normally done in the morning so that they can be lit late afternoon, as the sun goes down and the temperatures drop.

We sorted out a killing cone for slaughtering the turkeys. This will be done next weekend. Kev has put a cone onto brackets on the wall of the shed.

We spent sometime at the weekend finding more rocks for the wall of the vegetable bed. The wall is finally finished so now all we need to do is fill it full of soil.

As you can see it really increases the depth of soil. This should double our growing area and we are hoping the early Spring seedlings will do well here. 
I had a first try at making natural Christmas decorations this week. I went out along the track and collected a range of foliage, pine, holly, rosemary, thyme and some tree leaves too. I just sort of made it up as I went along. This is how we learn everything here...try it, if it doesn't work...try again a different way.

I was happy with this, so closer to Christmas...probably Christmas eve I will make more.