This morning we got up to brilliant sunshine and no wind! It felt like spring was here. With all the blossom on the almond trees the orchard looked and smelt lovely.
Almond tree                            Apple tree                           Cherry tree
Today was going to be a cooking day with time spent updating the website and cleaning, but as is normal in our lives we got side tracked!
Our Spanish friend turned up out of the blue with meat for the bar-be-que at 10am. So Kev lit the fire and started cooking.We sat down to a fine breakfast cabrita, eggs, tomatoes and bread with loads of red wine. We sat listening to spanish music with our friend singing and wanting to dance! Only in Spain!!!!
I got 10 litres of milk this morning and so set about making cheese. I found recipes on the internet for mozzerela, feta and ricotta made from the whey left over. In the ricotta I added garlic and herbs and it is now sitting in the fridge, hopefully, taking in all the flavours. I decided to have a go at the mozzerela as I make pizza in the week and it is really expensive here. I shall post the recipes once we have tried the cheese and obviously let you know what it was like.