Another month gone, time flies by. Over a month since my promise of more posts! I was supposed to be going to England for a week to be with my parents but my mother was so stressed (she had a new boiler fitted and it all went terribly wrong!) that I decided to stay another week. Then my flight was cancelled and I had to rebook so in total I was away almost 3 weeks. I really miss this place, the open spaces and the work too.

On my return we had had notification from the well people that they would be coming soon. As we have learnt over the years, soon means how long is a piece of string? We waited almost 2 full weeks. One morning, at 8am, we got a phone call to say they were on their way and would arrive in an hour. It does make me wonder what would have happened had we had jobs away from home. They arrived and started to drill, hit water at 30 meters but drilled to 120.  Anyway we now have a pozo, all be it, without a pump as yet. This should be sorted some time in the next month or so!!!!

Eggs have been placed into the incubator. They are due end of February. I candled them and only one was not viable...fingers crossed we could have 19 little chicks soon. We worked out that we needed to breed 60 chickens for us for the year. We will need 13 whole for roasting (that is 1 every 4 weeks) and the rest will be chopped up for other meals. This means that we will need to do 4 lots, 3 lots of 20 and depending on how many, hatch another batch to make up the numbers. This is our plan at least.

All of the other animals are doing well. They have all survived the winter so far. Our rabbits have even had babies in December. We really need to get on with sorting the rabbit runs, changing them all into burrows. Now we have water (or almost) we will be able to grow plants for them to eat. 

We have also decided to change one of the water stores into a cold room for food storage. We have planned our crops this year and will plant to ensure gluts that can be prepared and stored. We also think this room will be good for our cheeses and bacons as it should stay at a stable temperature. It really feels like we are getting somewhere. This year we should be producing more, storing more and so spending less. Well, that is the theory!

Where the cement mixer is, is where the entrance will be.