Two weeks has flown by since my last post. My leg has healed and I am back to full strength this week. I am so grateful as I hate sitting around doing nothing. Mind you I have got to study more Spanish and read a few books too.
We have had a few days alone this last week. My brother and his wife came and took Mum to Calpe for a few days. We had 2 days of the same questions running up to it, What day are they coming? Where am I going? But it all went off without a hitch. I asked my brother to bring some photos with him so that I could make a memory book and start a memory wall that we can add to over time.

Our memory book...she loved it                                         

 The memory wall of mums family. Top photo is mum and dad.

We used these free days to spend lots of time together. We did get to sort out Mums new fitted wardrobe. This is something we have wanted to do for about 6 months but we just could not get Mum to go. The idea is that her new wardrobe is like the one she had in the U.K so then she can have it organised the same way. We also got to see some people that popped in for coffee and went out for lunch on 2 of the days. It was just what the doctor ordered enabling us to recharge our batteries. 

Our friend the shepherd delivered us a sheep as payment for the help Kev gave him. We got at least 20 meals for us from it. We left the legs and shoulders whole to use as joints for Sunday dinners. We minced and diced some meat for stews, stored sliced liver and 2 kidneys too. I rendered the fat down, 4.5kg of lard, or tallow as it is called from a sheep, and 20 jars of stock from the bones. I put the same amount of fat in the freezer for later use. The bits we wouldn't eat, I boiled up for the dogs, added vegetables and canned 16 jars of dogs dinner for them.

Rendered down fat for use in cooking                                      

Bone stock to add flavour to soups and stews.

Since I was out of action for garden work, I have done lots of food prep for the freezer. I made burger rolls and beef burgers with horse raddish. I have been picking and drying herbs and olive leaves to powder down for use in cooking. I also had a chicken day, bread crumbing the breasts and making chicken nuggets. We now have lots of ready to use items in the freezer just too make life a little easier.
Chicken nuggets                                                                     

Breaded chicken breast

In 3 weeks I have my grandson coming to visit. So this past Saturday saw the incubator started up and eggs placed inside. This means they should hatch the day after Daniel arrives and he can get to watch them hatching and look after the chicks for a few days while he is here.