Started to make yoghurt at 10am this morning and it is still going. Trying to keep the temp at 40 degrees is really hard. In the end I wrapped the pan in a towel and put it outside in the sun and checked it about every 2 hours. Then as the sun started to go I placed the pan in a makeshift water bath and kept topping the cooling water with warm water. Reading the info on the internet it says to keep it at this temp for 18 hours...but when i go to bed that will be it so we will see what happens tomorrow when I bottle it.
We have cleared some of the front bed to plant the lettuces and cabbages in (the ones Kev bought from the shop) as they are now too big for their pots. Should only be another 2 / 3 weeks and the lettuces will be ready and 6 weeks for the cabbages.
The baby chicks are thriving. For such little creatures they make a lot of noise. They are funny, they just fall asleep what ever they are we have to keep a close eye on them to make sure they are not near their water bowl. They are getting feathers already on their wings...2 / 3 days old...they grow and change so fast.