Problems have occurred once again with the website provider in that it would not allow me to sign in for over a week. Obviously it is sorted now as I am writing this but it is getting mighty frustrating.
Well where do I begin.
We had visitors arriving on Saturday 7th September so Friday was spent finishing off all the little jobs around the house that never get done. Squeaky doors were oiled, the home made feather duster was used frantically and the hoover worked overtime!
On Sunday morning we all set about picking the almonds. It was a good crop this year. This was followed by husking them all by hand. We know that there is a machine for this and for next year we really need to get one. We have been husking for a week and it still isn't done!

Connor and Lynn picking

Half the almonds picked
Monday we started the terracing in the garden. The day was spent collecting rocks from the pile at the side of the land. One part of the fencing was removed to make access easier. By the end of Monday the wall was half built.
Tuesday the husking started in earnest. A whole bag was completed this day 20 kg in weight. By Thursday 2 bags had been husked and now we are on our third...only 3 more to go! Connor wanted to use the range to cook a meal. Tuesday night he made lamb burgers, roasted squash and roasted potato wedges for dinner. It was lovely, if a little hot in the kitchen!
Wednesday the rocks were sorted for the wall and Kev mixed up a clay/mud mixture to fit them together. By the end of play the wall was half built. Lynn sat husking for most of the day.

Thursday the wall was finished. We couldn't believe how the wall changed the look of the garden. From a barren waste land to something interesting to look at. Thursday evening Lynn cooked chicken satay for us and it was delicious.
Friday the soil was delivered. 10 tonnes in all. This was dropped at the front gate and had to be barrowed around the whole garden to the terrace. It was hard work in the sunshine but seeing the progress really spurred us on to get it finished.

Connor beginning the barrowing
The idea was that on our visitors last day they could plant the trees before going home. Unfortunately this didn't happen. We realised that the old beds where the strawberries had lived was just a little bit too high. This meant we had to drag soil from this bed to level it all off but we ran out of time.

Our visitors really helped out around the place. They both had a go at clipping wings on the chickens and ducks, Maisie loved feeding the animals and going to sit with them. Lynn went up on the roof to find out about the solar panels and wind turbine and they both helped with the watering.

Connor clipping wings with Kev

Lynn on the roof...braver woman than me!

The family feeding the animals

Saturday we moved more soil and said gooddbye to our visitors. Sunday was a very lazy day. We had decided to have a rest before starting again on Monday.
Today we dragged all the soil down and leveled off the terrace. We moved the trees into position and then in the evening as the sun was going down, we planted the first four trees.

We had to remove a lot of soil to level it

Trees in position

We are calling this The Maisie Terrace after the visitors that helped us to build it.

Standing by the fence looking down the terrace and garden, the view is spectacular. We are thinking about building some kind of seating there, most probably using the rock theme as we seem to have an abundance of them.