Got up this morning at about 8am. We have decided that at weekends we will have a bit of a lay in, although we have to be up by 8am as this is when we feed the animals. The idea is that we get some time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour.
The first job was feeding and watering all the animals. We are checking their water bowls twice a day now as it is so hot and they drink a lot more.
Kev set about putting up our new wipe board that a friend sent over from England for us. We are going to use it as a planner and running record for a year. At the moment we have a large A3 sheet of paper, but after almost a year on the wall it is very dirty. I shall be using permanent marker to draw on 12 boxes and labelling with the months of the year.
My first job of the day was to sort out the pool. Evaporation is a big problem here, especially with our water situation, this means that the level drops very quickly at this time of year. If it drops below the level of the filter box then I cannot clean it using the hover and the dirt stays on the bottom of the pool. The pool was topped up and the hovering started. I got about half of the pool cleaned today and will finish it tomorrow, time allowing.
Our visitor Pete has started the beer making. We have 2 massive buckets sitting on the terrace fermenting away. He is making Porter, a dark Irish beer and larger. There should be 24 pints of each. Guess that is Kev taken care off and any visitors that like a beer!


                                                                     One of the buckets fermenting away.

Living the way we do we always have a lot of work on and the little jobs seem to go by the wayside to make time for the bigger jobs. We sat down and made a list of these 5 to 10 minute jobs and at the weekends will try to do at least 2 of them. Todays job was to finally bolt the normal toilet to the floor. Kev has been trying to get washers for the last 18 months and finally today the fereteria (shop) had something like that he thought he could use. Hey presto the toilet is now fixed securely in place!
My next job was to make the tomato sauce ready to be used in the week. I also made ketchup from this base sauce and that now sits in the fridge waiting to be eaten.


Kev has been out walking looking for wood and came across some carob trees that have ripe carob pods on. This afternoon, armed with bags, Kian and Kev went out to strip one of the trees. I grind the pods down to a powder and use the powder as a flavour in cakes. It has a very sweet taste a little bit like chocolate. Also the animals like them to eat so it's good to pick them, free food for the animals.

                                                                          What was picked today.

At the beginning of todays blog I said the idea is that we get to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour... I think we have gone wrong some where today, as no sitting was included. Perhaps we will have better luck tomorrow!