I cant believe that it has been almost 3 weeks since I last wrote on here. I have been having problems with the website provider and decided that it was best to wait until all problems were fixed before doing any more work on it. 3 weeks it has taken them to sort out the problem and a lot of stress for me but at least we are now up and running again, all be it with a different domain name!

We have been planting loads of seeds over the last few weeks ready for the autumn planting. These include herbs to go in both herb wheels, for eating and medicinal purposes. We have planted the brassicas and more broad beans. A range of lettuce has been sown along with rocket and mustard to make the salads a little more interesting. This year I have also planted some chillies for Kev. We are hoping to be able to keep them over the winter as in their second year they produce more.

We used old yogurt pots as little planters to get the seeds going. When they are ready they will be planted out in the raised beds at the back of the house.

Kev has been working on the massive raised bed at the front of the house. He is layering it with logs, twigs, cardboard, paper, sheep maure, soil and then finally a mulch of straw.

One side finished, just waiting for the straw.

The bit that is left to finish off.
This is taking so long as Kev has been away from the house helping the shepherd to sort out one of his corrals that he has moved his sheep to. The good thing about Kev working with him is that we have got a lot of wood dropped off at the house to refill our wood store ready for the winter.

The raised rock bed that we built by the water store is starting to produce now and it looks really good too. We have lettuce, spring onions, tomatoes, peppers and beetroot growing in it. Building it where we did has given the plants some shade during the day and this seems to have worked wonders now we are getting to the hottest part of the year. Everything else in full sun is just surviving and not producing but these plants are doing really well.

We have harvested the onion crop from the back bed. One day we pulled them all up and left them for 2 days to dry in the sun. Kian helped us to collect them and bag them. We ended up with 4 bag fulls about 12 kilos in total. Next year we are going to plant double, as they grew really well and were harvested before the hottest part of the year.

We are also thinking about trying to grow 2 crops by planting seeds at the same time as planting out the sets. This way the onion seeds should be ready to go out in the autumn planting.