Again when we got up today it was brilliant sunshine. Unfortunately it didn't last past dinner time. The clouds were hazy and the breeze was chilly so the wood burner was lit early.
This morning was spent strimming the garden. We were told that it will rain this week, the weeds grow massive when it rains, even a little bit. They have all been strimmed back and the garden looks quite repectable for once!
After that I finished off the cheese.
Garlic and herb                              Feta                            Ricotta made from whey

Out of the 10 litres of milk I also have a cheese in the press that I added oregano to. This will be pressed for 24 hours and then left to form a skin. After that I shall coat it in bees wax and leave it for a further 3 months. Will let you all know what it tastes like.