Apologies for not posting last week. Time just got the better of us. 
The weather here, over the last 2 weeks, has been mainly cold and miserable. We have had the odd day where we could get outside so really we haven't got a lot further than last time I posted.
We have had some really windy weather where anything that wasn't tied down flew across the garden. The winds were from the north, bitterly cold. A couple of days you struggled to stay on your feet the wind was so strong. Days like this, we just light the fire and stay inside, hoping that the sun will come out so that we can crack on with the garden!
Chicks are due to hatch over the next couple of days. We have had to build little runs around where the hens are sitting so that the chicks are safe. We had 2 taken last year by an eagle and we don't want that to happen this year. They are removeable so when the chicks get bigger they will go in the main run with the others.

We spent one day out in the garden this week, putting in the watering system on the mound I have built. We pegged the piping down and put the water butt onto the water container. It was not high enough to push the water to the top on the mound. We then placed it onto 4 slabs but again it was not high enough to push the water around to the top of the mound. Eventually we placed it onto the pool terrace. It worked well. Now I will have to decorate the butt so that it doesn't stick out so much!

Not the prettiest thing on the terrace!

Some of the seedlings are ready to go out. I planted out some kale, leaf beet and climbing beans. I put them in the front bed where we have built the permaculture bed. We could still have frosts this month bu,t had I have left them in their paper pots they would have died. So fingers crossed that we do not have any severe frosts here and they survive.

These are the broad beans. They are ready to go out too. We are just waiting for a nice day!

This weekend we finally got around to slaughtering the chickens. We had 7 to do. Saturday we managed 4 but Sunday the weather turned again so the other 3 are still with us. They will most probably get done next weekend now.