The weather this week has been really kind to us. It has been sunny and warm all week which has allowed us to really crack on with the jobs in the garden. 
We have had a helper here this week. He has been working really hard doing lots of jobs that we have wanted to do but just  not had the time yet. He has taken all the broken animal houses down, stacked the wood and saved the screws to be used again. The turkey run has been tidied up and a new turkey house has been built. This was in preparation for the arrival of our new turkey tom that arrived Wednesday.

Our new turkey tom has been named pickle. He is very shy of humans and looks a bit moth eaten but I am sure given time he will come to trust us. He is displaying all the while but our female, onion isn't showing much interest at the minute. Fingers crossed she accepts him. He is just a year old so has plenty of time to grow into his role of chief protector.

Our helper has also been busy using old flooring to make dividers for one of our new projects. The chicken run has been extended with the idea of getting the chickens making the compost for us. There will be 2 sections, one for weeds and straw from animal houses and the second for house scraps and veggies. These will get turned from one section to another until it is ready to use. The idea is that the chickens scratch the contents down and enable decomposition to happen faster. They will add their poo too which is full of nitrogen and good for plants. We intend on moving the chickens in the back run, one cockerel and 6 hens down into, what has been called, compost corner. 

The broad beans, that were planted 3 weeks ago, are now getting too big for the cold frames. We decided to plant them out, at the front of the house, in the bed we prepared last week. We put 2 rows of onions between each row of broad beans in the hope that this will stop the black fly this year. They have the netting to grow up, as they grow quite tall. We love broad beans here. Having almost 100 plants means we may be able to can or freeze some for use in the winter.

Kev has been trying to sort out the container. He has been busy building shelves and trying to empty his other shed, by moving and ordering the stuff on the shelving. 

He has even built special shelves at the front for his building materials.